Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Moving Along

Our adoption process seems to be progressing well with only a few minor hiccups. Our agency currently has all of the documents necessary for our dossier authenticated, and our immigration application is processing. We have several new fundraising opportunities under way and in planning (more on that below).

Phil is starting his new full time job as a leasing specialist next Monday! While this is a blessing because it will be beneficial financially, and allow Phil a regular schedule and more time with Micah when he arrives, it will require us to update some our home study/dossier paperwork. This should just require a couple of simple documents, but please pray that the authentication process goes quickly so that we will have them ready when our immigration application is accepted. This would prevent delays and allow us to send our dossier when we anticipated.

A very generous co-worker of mine recently gave us a big box of clothes, puzzles and toys for Micah. It may sound strange, but this was really exciting for me! Though we feel emotionally prepared for Micah’s arrival and all it entails, holding those little shirts in my hands just made things very real and tangible. With adoption there is no baby bump; no kicks from the inside to feel. Though I’m sure I have many of the emotions of an expectant mother, my boy is on the other side of the globe. All of this to say that I sometimes feel very disconnected from it all, and question, “Is this really happening?” So I really cherish the moments when I feel that connection with him.

Our current fundraiser is being sponsored by Owls for Orphans and the amazing Amy Moss! Thanks to her generosity, we will be receiving 25% of every sale of her adorable handmade gifts and collectibles through MAY 10th! She has some absolutely adorable handmade stuffed animals for kiddos! She has ready to ship items or can custom make them. But, if you don’t have small children, or are just trying to have less stuff, you can purchase a stuffed animal owl to send with us to when we travel to bless another orphaned child! 
See Amy’s blog and the Owls for Orphans Boutique, and please TELL YOUR FRIENDS! :)

More exciting news! Today we officially became a part of the Reece’s Rainbow family, and our family sponsorship page is live! As a bonus it includes a baby pic of Micah! Just in case anyone is confused, Micah's name was listed as "Hugh" on Reece's Rainbow when we found him. But as you know from a previous post, Hugh is not his Chinese name.

We have had several friends tell us that they would like to contribute to our adoption but don’t want to purchase anything. Well, Reece’s Rainbow is the perfect way to do that! This organization is amazing and serve to advocate for orphans with special needs, and raise funds for adoption grants.
*Please note that paypal contributions are charged a 0.3% processing fee. However, if you send a check to RR, 100% of that donation will go to Micah.

Up next will be our joint yard sale with the Sharp family who are also fundraising for their adoption. Please pencil it in for SaturdayMay 31st! We will need donations of clothes, furniture, housewares, toys, etc., etc., and of course SHOPPERS! Please be in prayer for this and consider donating or purchasing items to bring Micah and Everly home from China.  And again, SPREAD THE WORD!

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