Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Things are happening y'all!

Yes, this stickler for grammar, finally gave in to South Carolina ways and said “y’all.” Things are definitely happening, and happening quickly with our adoption! It is getting real, and we are having trouble containing our excitement!

Our dossier was sent to China  (DTC) on 5/23!
Our dossier was received and “logged in” (LID) a week later on 5/30!
We were told it could be 2 weeks to 3 months to have our dossier translated but…
Our dossier is out of translation (OOT) TODAY!

Ashley, our poor case manager at WACAP, must be done trying to predict time frames for us, because things are consistently processing faster than her shortest projections:)

I’m pretty sure what your next question is. When do we travel to China to get Micah?
That is the million dollar question. Ashley’s CONSERVATIVE estimate is 4 months!!! You can guess what that could mean. Our hope is that, Lord willing, we will travel in late September or early October!!! Is that not just crazy?! We started the adoption process this January! I can’t tell you how ridiculously excited we are!

With all this excitement however, there is also some trepidation. As you might expect, this pertains to fundraising.

Let me stress that thus far God has completely provided for us financially each step of the way as we need it. We have seen Him move and been astounded by His faithfulness! We know in our hearts that God will continue to provide! But for this to happen, He will be moving in the lives of those around us! We need help from His body and our village to make this happen!

We need an additional estimated $14,000 to bring our son home! Because things have been happening SO FAST we hope to have that “in the bank” in 3 months! So this is crunch time guys!!

I’m not going to lie, but our initial reaction to this information was a bit of panic. After it set in a little, we know that of course this can and will happen.

If 14 people make donations of $1,000, we are fully funded! Just fourteen!
If 140 people gift or donate just $100  for Micah, we are fully funded!

We don’t expect that all of this will have to come from individual donations. We have been blessed by Phil’s new job, and the sales skills he has been gifted with, that make him a rock star leasing specialist! One of our good friends, the amazing and generous Anna Johnson, is donating a portion of her photography sales from a series of mini-sessions to bring Micah home! Also, one of Phil’s co-workers is working on throwing us a fancy art auction. More on that to come:)

Believe me when I say, we IN NO WAY think we are entitled to ask others for financial support. At the same time very respectfully, we do need help! And the time to help is upon us!

The best place we can direct people to make donations is via our Reece’s Rainbow family sponsorship page: http://reecesrainbow.org/76440/sponsorbrangers
These funds will be made available to us at the time of travel.

I cannot express how thankful I am for our friends and family who have already helped support us with your time and finances! It brings tears when I think about what a blessing your sacrifice has been to us! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!

In the mean time, if anyone has some 2T to 4T size hand-me downs, talk to me. :)
Cause this is getting real y’all (insert little girl squeal here)!

P.S. I apologize for the excessive use of exclamation points. :)

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