Sunday, October 19, 2014

In China 1

For those who don't know we left at 7am EST on Friday October 17th for the Journey of a Liftime. The Journey to Bring Micah Home.  A journey that truly began almost a year ago when we saw this photo online.

At the time we were beginning the process of adoption for 2 boys. Hugh and Phineas.  While searching for agencies that could help us find these children we learned that Phineas had already been chosen by another family.  While we were excited to learn that Phineas was getting a forever family, I would be lying if I didn't say we were a bit destroyed.  There is something inside you that changes when you find a child and started chasing after them with all you have, so even though we had never met Phineas, it felt like we had lost him, lost something of ourselves.  So we stopped.  We stepped back.  Life caught up and we moved on.

It was about 2 months before we started looking again.  We started looking through the waiting child list at WACAPs website and found that picture again.  It was Hugh, named Parker at WACAP, but the same kid.  We knew it was time.  So on Jan 24, 2014 we were pre-approved to go get Micah/Parker/Hugh.  

Now almost 8 months later we are sitting in a hotel in China waiting to meet our Guide and go to Civil Affairs in Guangzhou China to get Micah.  In just a few hours we will be parents.

I could write for hours about our trip so far, but instead here are some photos.
Our Flight Path

Breakfast Day 1
Phil at Breakfast
Pearl River
Shamain Park

Street Vendor, notice the picture of a scorpion.
Lunch Day 1.  Before

Lunch Day 1. After

Found a grocery store.  This is the Ramen Aisle

Breakfast Day 2.  Getting more adventurous.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

This is actually happening!

Our flights are booked. 
We have our itinerary. 
We are leaving to go get our son in ONLY 8 DAYS!!!

We have seen God work in amazing ways over the last few weeks! His provision for our family has been astounding and humbling. Within a few days we went from lacking over $7,000, to being fully funded! Throughout this entire process, God’s provision has been just as it was in Exodus. We have been given our “manna from heaven”- exactly what we need, at the exact time that we need it! 

We could never fully express how thankful we are to everyone who has supported us throughout this process; whether that be through gifts, with prayer, guidance, or just a shoulder to lean on!

I created a timeline of all the steps we have completed to get to this point. It was amazing to be able to take a look back and see how quickly all of this has actually taken place, even though it has seemed to take an eternity. 

01/24/14     Pre-Approval 
03/13/14     Home Study Complete
04/28/14     I-800A Approval
05/23/14     Dossier to China
05/30/14     Dossier Logged-In
06/10/14     Out of Translation
08/04/14     Dossier Reviewed 
08/05/14     Dossier Reviewed
08/07/14     Letter Seeking Confirmation
08/28/14     I-800 Approval
09/02/14     Article 5 Dropped Off
09/18/14     Article 5 Pick-Up
09/25/14     Article 5 to CCCWA
09/29/14     Travel Notice
10/06/14     Consulate Appointment Confirmed
10/07/14     Plane Tickets Booked
10/08/14     Travel Itinerary Finalized
10/20/14     Gotcha Day!
10/29/14     Consulate Appointment
11/01/14     HOME!….and the story continues ;)

I want our journey to be encouraging to anyone who may consider providing the gift of a family to an orphaned child. If God is telling you to adopt (and you will know if it is happening) I would encourage you not to delay. If it is in His will, He will provide and equip you with what you need to make it happen! If we had delayed pursuing our son through adoption because we did not have the money, the timeline above would look much different, and Micah may still not have a family. Let that settle for a second… because I don’t even want to consider that possibility.

Now, don’t mistake my words above to say that adopting our son has, or will be easy, because Phil and I know this far from the truth. Regardless of how trying this process has been thus far, our work as parents really begins the moment our son is placed in our arms. 
It is going to be a roller coaster, but I could not be more excited to jump in that seat!

The next time you see a picture of our son, he will be in our arms!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Getting Closer

Some really exciting things have happened with fundraising over the last few days!
Micah’s concert was this past Saturday. Nearly $1000 was raised at this event! Again, thank you so much to Arbor Village, the Cares Team, the artists, donors and attendees for your generosity!

On Tuesday, we found out that we were selected to receive a generous grant from the Gift of Adoption organization! This was super exciting and an answer to prayer!
Now, we have been offered a matching donation up to $1,000
So fromThursday the 25th at 8AM, through Monday the 29th at 8PM, any additional donations to our Reece’s Rainbow family sponsorship page will be matched up to $1K.*** So if you were waiting for an opportunity to double your donation value, this is the time to take advantage!
*To donate just go to and click the PayPal donate button. In this case, online donations will work best to better track progress toward our match goal.

I cannot express how thrilled and relieved we are that we are getting nearer to being fully funded! If we are able to achieve the complete matching donation, then any additional funds raised will go toward the higher costs associated with October travel/lodging due to the Chinese Trade Fair. 

We are getting so close to the end, but really need this final push to get us over the finish line! Then all we have to do is get our butts to China and get our son!

Adoption Update:

Our Article 5 document was picked up in China last Thursday, so all we are waiting for now is travel approval (TA). If current trends continue it is possible we could receive TA next week! So far everything is progressing right on schedule.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

It's getting real!

I think it’s time for an adoption update! On September 2nd our Article 5 documents were dropped off at the US Consulate in Guangzhou, China. These documents will be picked up by a courier and sent to the CCCWA on the 18th. We have been told that if current trends continue, we should receive our travel notice about 2 weeks later. Or case manager told us that we should be able to travel 2-3 weeks after we are given travel notice. So we are still on track to travel in October!
The only down side of traveling in October is that it coincides with the China Import and Export Trade Fair, and will likely increase the cost of our airfare and hotel stay. Still, as I have told several people, if China tells us we can go get our boy, you better believe we are going, and will not delay if at all possible. Our son needs his family, and the sooner the better!
So now we just need to get this thing fully funded!  Our next fundraiser is coming up on September 20th at 7pm! It is a LIVE WEBCAST CONCERT played by local artists. If you would like to tune in to support our adoption, just follow the link to the Concert Window page, then purchase a ticket with the donation of your choice. At the time of the concert you just log in and enjoy some great music for a good cause. We will receive 70% of proceeds as the artists are donating their time and talent to help bring Micah home (the 30% is for web hosting). Link:
This event is courtesy of Josh and Melissa Gale, the amazing Cares Team at Arbor Village Apartments, where Phil works as a  leasing specialist. They are throwing the live fundraiser concert event at Arbor Village for all the residents, which will also be webcast on Concert Window so the rest of us can tune-in online! Thank you Josh, Melissa and the staff and residents of Arbor Village for thinking of us! Recently I have been asked how people can make donations for Micah in which 100% of the gift will go toward his adoption. We have a couple of ways to make that happen. Micah has a family sponsorship page through Reece’s Rainbow (a special needs adoption advocacy organization) where they accept donations toward a grant that we will receive prior to travel. To make the most of the gift and avoid a 3% processing fee, they ask that you consider sending a check (just send a note along with it to specify it is for Micah/The Brangers Family). Any gift given through Reece’s Rainbow is tax deductible. Link: We are also able to accept donations via Paypal if needed. Please contact us if you need details. And, please know that I am providing this information only because I have been asked by several people and want to make it readily available.
I am so thankful for the support we continue to receive on this adoption journey! We could not do this alone, and are so grateful for our friends, family, and even strangers who have supported us with kind words, prayer, and donations. I have been stretched and my faith has been strengthened. I can’t tell you how ready I am to get our boy home! I know life will never be the same:)

Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Fundraising Home Stretch Begins

I want to take a moment to again thank everyone who participated in our Thirty-One Fundraiser! We raised enough money to cover the expenses to apply for our Chinese entry visas, which is the next fee we expect. Every bit helps and it continues to come just as we need it!

As we continue to quickly approach travel time in October, we still have a long way to go on the fundraising front. Our travel expenses will be due in a lump sum at our agency before we go get Micah. So to cover those costs and avoid delays, we need about $9,000 more in 7-9 weeks. 

Our next fundraiser begins TODAY and is yet another fabulous way to shop for a cause! Trisha Flagler, a friend and Mary Kay consultant has offered to donate 40% of her sales from NOW UNTIL AUGUST 31st to our adoption! Any orders placed at Trisha's website with “Micah” or “Brangers Adoption” placed in the comments box will be applied to the fundraiser!

I actually attended one of Trisha’s in-person events with my friend Cassie this past Tuesday evening for a little pampering and to learn about Mary Kay’s new products! It had been a very long time since I had tried Mary Kay. I remember tagging along with my mom to a party as a teenager and thinking that these products seemed a little outdated. I saw a clientele of older women wearing a lot of make-up. Well, I can tell you that my experience with Trisha was an enlightening one.  I learned that the Mary Kay company has done a lot in recent years to revamp their product line, and has invested in research and technology to make more innovative products. They have a line of skincare products to repair and protect your skin, as well as make-up for every-day wear and date nights out! 

My favorite products of the evening were their Satin Lips Lip Mask and Lip Balm. I am not really a lipstick girl. I was given full lips and fair skin and always felt a bit risque when wearing bright lip color. But by not really paying any attention to my lips, now they are constantly dry, hard and cracking or peeling. I think the best example is what my husband calls “crusty morning kisses.” Gross right?! (I try to avoid these crusty kisses but he sweetly insists) But I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. I have tried treating my dry lips with all types of balms and chap-sticks, but still have the same problem. Then, one of the consultants told us that your lips are the only area of skin on your face that doesn’t naturally shed dead skin cells (explains the crusty morning kisses hugh). So Mary Kay has a solution. Their Lip Mask is a lip exfoliant that gets rid of all that dead skin, and then their Lip Balm moisturizes your lips up to 6 hours. 

So, even if you are skeptical about Mary Kay products, give them a try again! You might be surprised! Trisha is such a sweet person and would love you to bring a friend and meet her to sample some products. It is a win/win situation. Not only do you get a little pampering, but any purchases through the end of August go to help bring Micah home! 

Some details about the fundraiser: 
Be sure to enter “Micah” or “Brangers’ Adoption” in the comment line so that it will apply to the fundraiser.
For any orders over $50, Trisha will throw in a free gift!
If you live outside the Charleston area, there is a $5.75 shipping fee.
Trisha is available on Tuesday evenings and on Saturdays for in-person consultations. Contact her from her web page by clicking "send me a message" if you would like to set up an appointment with her.
If you already have a Mary Kay consultant but would still like to support our fundraiser, just let Trisha know.

Thank you everyone for your continued support, and keep praying for our fundraising efforts!

Monday, August 11, 2014

It's Picture Time!

The LOA wait is over! On Thursday the 7th we received our Letter Seeking Confirmation (LSC or LOA) from China. This was such exciting news, because officially (paperwork and all) China has approved Phil and I to adopt Micah!!! The letter is just for us to confirm that we still want to. Well, that letter was signed and sent back to our agency within 30 minutes of receiving it.:) 

Because China has now approved us to adopt Micah, I can FINALLY publicly show everyone how stinkin’ adorable he is!!!

I can hardly stand it! I just can't wait to hold this little guy in my arms!

I know what you are thinking. So what happens next and how long will it take? As I understand it, these are the remaining steps:

I-800: 3-4 weeks
On Thursday afternoon, our case worker received our signed LSC and sent this along with our previously completed I-800 application, to the U.S. immigration office (USCIS). Two to three weeks after they receive our application, it will be approved and forwarded to the National Visa Center (NVC), who will in-turn send the approval to the U.S. Consulate in Guangzhou, China. 

Article 5: 10 days
When we receive the letter from the NVC stating this has taken place, we will complete Micah’s online “Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration Application” and send the confirmation form to our agency. At that point the agency will send our NVC letter and visa application confirmation form to the US Consulate. After they review these documents (taking approx.10 days) they will issue our Article 5 Letter and agency letter seeking confirmation.

Final Travel Notice: 2-4 weeks
When the Article 5 and agency LSC documents are ready, a representative from our agency will pick them up and express mail them to the China Center for Children’s Welfare and Adoption (CCCWA) in Beijing. Then the CCCWA will issue our Final Notice of Traveling to China for Adoption!!

Travel To China: 2-3 weeks later
After we get our travel notice it will finally be time to buy plane tickets and receive our travel itinerary.

This all means that we will, barring any unforeseen delays, travel in October TO GO GET OUR SON!!! I don’t think I can express how excited I am! 

This also means that we only have 9-12 weeks to raise $9,500 more for travel costs! (Eeek!)

Our Thirty-One Fundraiser that ENDS TOMORROW. So if you are planning to purchase an item please get those orders in ASAP! See the Facebook event for details or check out
Thank you Amanda Pruitt for generously offering to help us bring Micah home!

We have applied for several more grants and are waiting for those to be processed. We are also still planning a live auction event though we have hit some bumps in the road while attempting to find a venue. We may have to scale it down a bit, but it will happen!

Micah’s family sponsorship grant with Reece’s Rainbow will remain open for donations until we travel. These donations are tax deductible.

If you feel lead to help fund our adoption we will be forever grateful! 

Prayer Requests:
Please be praying that our adoption continues to move smoothly. Also pray that our fundraisers are a success, and that God continues to work in those around us to make a way to overcome the financial barriers associated with our adoption!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Match Reviewed!

Quick update: Today we found out that our dossier is MATCH REVIEWED! This is exciting news because it means that China has approved us to adopt Micah and the official document (LOA) is in the mail! Our case manager at our agency said that we are still on target for travel in October to get our son! I am over the moon about this news!

Fundraising Update: With all this progress our fundraising situation is becoming a bit more urgent. We still need about $9,500 in order for our adoption to be fully funded. The remaining funds will cover our travel expenses and orphanage "donation." 

My friend Amanda Pruitt, physical therapy school classmate, and Thirty-One Consultant is throwing us a week-long online party fundraiser through Tuesday, August 12th. She is generously donating her commission to help fund our adoption! This is a private Facebook event, so if you have not already been invited and would like to be, please leave a comment. 

Keep those prayers coming! We have a lot of funds left to raise and not much time to do it.