Sunday, October 19, 2014

In China 1

For those who don't know we left at 7am EST on Friday October 17th for the Journey of a Liftime. The Journey to Bring Micah Home.  A journey that truly began almost a year ago when we saw this photo online.

At the time we were beginning the process of adoption for 2 boys. Hugh and Phineas.  While searching for agencies that could help us find these children we learned that Phineas had already been chosen by another family.  While we were excited to learn that Phineas was getting a forever family, I would be lying if I didn't say we were a bit destroyed.  There is something inside you that changes when you find a child and started chasing after them with all you have, so even though we had never met Phineas, it felt like we had lost him, lost something of ourselves.  So we stopped.  We stepped back.  Life caught up and we moved on.

It was about 2 months before we started looking again.  We started looking through the waiting child list at WACAPs website and found that picture again.  It was Hugh, named Parker at WACAP, but the same kid.  We knew it was time.  So on Jan 24, 2014 we were pre-approved to go get Micah/Parker/Hugh.  

Now almost 8 months later we are sitting in a hotel in China waiting to meet our Guide and go to Civil Affairs in Guangzhou China to get Micah.  In just a few hours we will be parents.

I could write for hours about our trip so far, but instead here are some photos.
Our Flight Path

Breakfast Day 1
Phil at Breakfast
Pearl River
Shamain Park

Street Vendor, notice the picture of a scorpion.
Lunch Day 1.  Before

Lunch Day 1. After

Found a grocery store.  This is the Ramen Aisle

Breakfast Day 2.  Getting more adventurous.

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