Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Gotcha Day / Finalized!!

So Monday was gotcha day.  
We started the day packing a diaper bag, and getting things ready for having a child!


We then met our guide Elsie at our hotel rode to Adoption Registry Center in Guangzhou China.  We were sitting in the main room while Elsie took my camera and played photographer while we met Micah.

The lady in the red skirt is Ms Pan the orphanage director. 

This is Ms Yin, Micahs nany.  You will notice in these pictures that he LOVES her.  We can tell that Micah was very well cared for and even slightly spoiled by this woman.  
We will be forever grateful for her!

Once all of our paperwork was done they brought Micah out to where we were waiting.

Once we took possession of Micah we had several minutes to spend with Ms Yin and Ms Pan to ask questions about Micah; where he was found, what he likes, his schedule, etc.

After we were done at ARC we explored Guangzhou a bit and found 4 story mall that had a large kids play area (we haven't ventured in yet) and a fountain out front that Micah likes to watch.

~~~Finalization DAY~~~

Yesterday we Finalized Micahs adoption.
We had to take a family photo to be included in our paperwork.

This is the room where they asked us if we planned to abandon Micah.  Just straight up.  "Do you plan to abandon him?"  I have never said a more emphatic no in my life.

While we waited for the notary Micah had a chance to play.

And I had a chance to shoot some photos of China!  Where we are staying on Shamian Island is very European, so I get very excited to see China more as I expected it.


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