Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Hurry up and...

So when it comes to the adoption process, it is definitely a game of hurry up and wait. There are many short periods of filling out and gathering paperwork, separated by longer lulls in activity; waiting for processing time, agencies, and governments. These “breaks” do allow some time for fundraising, but sometimes I can’t push away thoughts of missing time with Micah. Every day he is in that orphanage is a day that I will never get back. These are days when milestones could be happening. They are days that he goes without the love and nurturing only parents can provide. Sometimes the feeling of loss is so extremely overwhelming. Other times there is guilt and thinking “why did we wait so long?” 

Prayer, scripture and friends are what help me wade through all of this. It is such a blessing to have others who have been, or are going through this process to support us! Their perspective helps me remember that, yes, families really do make it through this process, which is truly only the beginning of some beautiful stories.  

Now that our home study was just finalized, we are entering the next phase of scrambling to gather all of the paperwork for our dossier to China. (Oh, how very sick I am of having documents notarized!) A completed home study also means we can begin applying for grants!

So with all this paperwork, more upcoming fundraisers, and a crazy busy schedule at work, at least I may be distracted too much to dwell on negative things. And as a bonus I’ll probably drop a couple pounds of winter weight, because I tend to forget to eat when I’m really busy. Hey thats better for the budget anyway right?! ;)  (But really, no worries everyone, the Brangers intend to remain well nourished. We have more than just ourselves to think about now you know!)

Upcoming fundraisers to participate in/ be in prayer for:

-Noonday Party (Thank you Erin Brangers and Kat Deal!)

-Joint Spring Yard Sale with the Sharps (teaming together for Micah and Everly)

I am still selling items at my Etsy Shop: PB&J Family Crafts
Please let me know if you have a particular request.  I can always fulfill orders in person as well!

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