Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Fundraising Home Stretch Begins

I want to take a moment to again thank everyone who participated in our Thirty-One Fundraiser! We raised enough money to cover the expenses to apply for our Chinese entry visas, which is the next fee we expect. Every bit helps and it continues to come just as we need it!

As we continue to quickly approach travel time in October, we still have a long way to go on the fundraising front. Our travel expenses will be due in a lump sum at our agency before we go get Micah. So to cover those costs and avoid delays, we need about $9,000 more in 7-9 weeks. 

Our next fundraiser begins TODAY and is yet another fabulous way to shop for a cause! Trisha Flagler, a friend and Mary Kay consultant has offered to donate 40% of her sales from NOW UNTIL AUGUST 31st to our adoption! Any orders placed at Trisha's website with “Micah” or “Brangers Adoption” placed in the comments box will be applied to the fundraiser!

I actually attended one of Trisha’s in-person events with my friend Cassie this past Tuesday evening for a little pampering and to learn about Mary Kay’s new products! It had been a very long time since I had tried Mary Kay. I remember tagging along with my mom to a party as a teenager and thinking that these products seemed a little outdated. I saw a clientele of older women wearing a lot of make-up. Well, I can tell you that my experience with Trisha was an enlightening one.  I learned that the Mary Kay company has done a lot in recent years to revamp their product line, and has invested in research and technology to make more innovative products. They have a line of skincare products to repair and protect your skin, as well as make-up for every-day wear and date nights out! 

My favorite products of the evening were their Satin Lips Lip Mask and Lip Balm. I am not really a lipstick girl. I was given full lips and fair skin and always felt a bit risque when wearing bright lip color. But by not really paying any attention to my lips, now they are constantly dry, hard and cracking or peeling. I think the best example is what my husband calls “crusty morning kisses.” Gross right?! (I try to avoid these crusty kisses but he sweetly insists) But I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. I have tried treating my dry lips with all types of balms and chap-sticks, but still have the same problem. Then, one of the consultants told us that your lips are the only area of skin on your face that doesn’t naturally shed dead skin cells (explains the crusty morning kisses hugh). So Mary Kay has a solution. Their Lip Mask is a lip exfoliant that gets rid of all that dead skin, and then their Lip Balm moisturizes your lips up to 6 hours. 

So, even if you are skeptical about Mary Kay products, give them a try again! You might be surprised! Trisha is such a sweet person and would love you to bring a friend and meet her to sample some products. It is a win/win situation. Not only do you get a little pampering, but any purchases through the end of August go to help bring Micah home! 

Some details about the fundraiser: 
Be sure to enter “Micah” or “Brangers’ Adoption” in the comment line so that it will apply to the fundraiser.
For any orders over $50, Trisha will throw in a free gift!
If you live outside the Charleston area, there is a $5.75 shipping fee.
Trisha is available on Tuesday evenings and on Saturdays for in-person consultations. Contact her from her web page by clicking "send me a message" if you would like to set up an appointment with her.
If you already have a Mary Kay consultant but would still like to support our fundraiser, just let Trisha know.

Thank you everyone for your continued support, and keep praying for our fundraising efforts!

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